Spruce tree trunk surrounded by spruce tips and grey blue sky in the background


We practice a unique form of medicine making called "the law of correspondence", this means that when we make medicine we use plants that naturally grow together. Each plant chooses it's location, germinates, photosynthesizes because the conditions are ideal. Everything matters; the soil, the sun and the neighbors. This applies mostly to wild harvesting but also to how we farm.


Every product is handmade by Halley in New Mexico. We grow every plant we use, or source them from farms that use organic or ecologically responsible practices. As we do not use any chemicals or artificial ingredients the shelf-life of tonics and oil creams is shorter than most commercially available products. You are welcome to refrigerate any product from us, it will not lose it's effectiveness or potency. 


Halley takes on a limited number of 1:1 clients for consultations per year. If you are interested in learning more about working directly with an herbalist to address chronic health issues please email halley@loam.earth.


For wholesale inquiries please email halley@loam.earth


Products will be shipped as soon as possible (we hate waiting for things too) twice a week every week except during holidays.
For international shipping outside of the US and Canada, please email us orders@loam.earth for a shipping quote.


We are committed to using packaging that is as recyclable and compostable as possible. Our sunscreen tubes and compostable bags are both BPA and PFA free. 


If you are unhappy with any product you receive from us, please email orders@loam.earth. Due to the small nature of this practice, all sales are final, however, if a product is damaged, leaking or ineffective please contact us. Everything we make has been tested, ingested and used by us extensively before it is sold. We stand behind everything we make and would never put something into the world for sale that we didn't believe in whole heartedly.  


Every plant we use is honored and revered as an essential piece of the ecosystem of New Mexico. We never harvest large quantities and do not publicly disclose the locations where we harvest, nor do we harvest from one single location multiple times. Wild harvesting is growing in popularity and becoming more controversial over time, and because of this we are attempting to cultivate every plant we use. At loam, we believe it is our duty to educate and responsibly demonstrate conscious wild harvesting practices. All classes will be taught under very strict supervision and all students will have the tools and techniques to wild harvest correctly.


All products are made by Halley Strongwater, a certified clinical herbalist.