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Allergy Balance Tonic
Allergy Balance Tonic
Allergy Balance Tonic

Allergy Balance Tonic

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A potent tonic for seasonal allergies (and flu and cold season) in both the spring and the fall. Grindelia flowers help open the respiratory system, and can bring relief to chest tightness from histamine reactions. Nettles dry and tone the mucous membranes, while Yerba Mansa brings moisture and dryness simultaneously. 
All plants were infused in local NM wildflower honey and organic apple cider vinegar. The nettles were extracted with alcohol on the full moon, and the alcohol was evaporated off upon decanting.


Grindelia squarrosa flower tops, Urtica dioica leaves and seeds, Anemopsis californica roots. Local New Mexico wildflower honey and organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Contains less than 25% alcohol. 


(Not recommended for children under age 2)
2-6 years: 5-15 drops once to twice daily
6 years and above: 30-60 drops as needed

The Federal Government does not recognize herbal medicine and therefore does not regulate it. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.