Allergy Balance Tonic
Allergy Balance Tonic
Allergy Balance Tonic
Allergy Balance Tonic

Allergy Balance Tonic


Seasonal allergy sufferers can find relief and get in harmony with their surroundings—no matter where they happen to live—using this potent tonic. This particular blend of botanicals are highly supportive to the respiratory system, opening and relieving chest tightness, drying mucus and moisturizing agitated passageways.



Grindelia flowers: Aid in opening the respiratory system, and can provide relief to chest tightness from histamine reactions.

Nettles: Dry and tone the mucous membranes.

Yerba Mansa: Moisture and soothes agitated passageways in respiratory system.

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Take seasonally or as needed when symptoms arise.


Grindelia squarrosa flower tops, Urtica dioica (nettles) leaves, Anemopsis californica (yerba mansa) roots. Local New Mexico wildflower honey, organic Apple Cider Vinegar, organic cane alcohol.