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Dry Clouds Cleanser + Aspen Bark Spray + Loam Oil (4oz) combine for a super skin trio (all three products together are normally $100 total).

Dry Clouds is the first 100% plant based cleanser for your face. It is a face mask, an exfoliating scrub and contains anti-bacterial cleansing properties. It’s made of Galisteo red clay, dried aspen bark, juniper berries and yucca root.

  • Each plant has an important job in this product, the clay acts as a regular clay mask, pulling and tightening. 
  • The yucca root contains saponins and literally washes your skin
  • Juniper berries are astringent and the inherent oil is antimicrobial
  • The Aspen Bark contains salicylic acid

Use with a small amount of water or oil! Leave on as a mask or wash off with a washcloth.

Rehydrate with loam oil, OR spot treat or tone skin with Aspen Bark First Aid Spray and the follow with your loam oil. Aspen Bark Spray keeps things clean and sanitary without using antibacterial products, and is effective at treating acne and dry damaged skin. 

We highly recommended these three products together for folks who are looking for a regular skincare routine and have highly sensitive or normal skin.