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Prickly Pear Lotion! Naturally pink (color may vary), incredibly soft and smooth, smells and tastes like a smoothie. Opuntia fruit is inherently very sweet and contains skin hydrating fatty acids. Pairing this with glycerine makes this an extremely nourishing facial lotion. Includes Piñon resin, and juniper berries infused in oil.

Recommended for anyone with skin that needs a little extra love. This is a wonderful product for those of us with overactive oil glands; glycerine helps hold water in your skin and can support a healthy oil-water balance. This is also a great lotion for those folks with extremely dry and inflamed skin as well.

Available in 2.3oz frosted glass jars. 100% Vegan! Please note that the shelf life of this product is approximately 3-6 months depending. For a longer shelf life, please store in fridge.

Due to unseasonably warm temperatures and a very dry summer, we will not have this product around as much as last year, and the raise in the price reflects the shortage of prickly pear fruit.


Opuntia fruit extract, Pinus monophylla resin, Juniperus monosperma berries and leaf. Organic Simmondsia chinesis oil (jojoba), emulsifying wax*.


A little goes a LONG way, use sparingly. Use on face or spot treat on hands and body. Safe for kids ages 2 and above.

*a vegetable based wax to help combine oil and water. Ingredients vetted via Skin Deep. Please email us with further questions about this wax.

The Federal Government does not recognize herbal medicine and therefore does not regulate it. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.